Fair Grinds Co.

Great coffee, fair for everybody

Fair Grinds Co. is a locally owned coffee cart based near Inglewood, Taranaki. We are available for all sorts of community events and fundraisers.

Now open 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM five days a week (unless booked) outside Advantage Tires in Bell Block.
Fair Grinds Co. owner Kahli holding out a fresh cup of coffee.

Delicious & Fair

High-quality and fair trade certified IncaFé coffee


Compostable packaging and local ingredients are prioritised

Local business

100% locally owned and operated. Supporting community events

Since we opened in late 2023, Fair Grinds Co. has been committed to producing high quality, fair and sustainable coffee. We use home-compostable materials and local ingredients as much as possible, and our coffees are brewed with delicious, FairTrade certified IncaFé beans.

Our pricing structure is designed to keep up with rising inflation, whilst still being able to donate to community groups and pay the living wage for our employees. We regularly are involved with community fundraisers and events, serving coffee at everywhere from the Ratapiko School Calf and Lamb day to Americarna and the Stratford A&P Show.